1 hour

50 ccm                                           You need "B" license

80 kn / 11 €

  100 ccm / 125 ccm                      You need "A" license

100 kn / 14 €

250 ccm                                         You need "A" license

300kn/40 €

1 day

50 ccm                                               You need "B" license

290kn / 39 € 

100 ccm  / 125 ccm                          You need "A" license  

330 kn / 44 € 

250 ccm                                            You need "A" licence


350 ccm                                             You need "A" license

720 kn/96€

3 - 7 days

50 ccm                                                You need "B" license

250 kn  / 34€ 

100 ccm / 125 ccm                              You need "A" license

 290 kn / 39€ 

250 ccm                                                You need "A" license

360 kn/48€

350 ccm                                                 You need "A" license

600 kn/80€

                                        Security deposit: Pre-autorisation of credit card in amount :

                        150€ for 50ccm ,    200€ for 100/125ccm,     250€ for 250ccm,    1000€ for 350ccm

                                                                     TIP IS NOT INCLUDED IN THE PRICE

 We offer and beautiful small holiday house for your vacation

In the peace and quiet, outside the city crowd and hot concrete you can enjoy your own barbecue, the shade of vineyards or a night-time swim in the heated pool.With birds chirping, you will find yourself diving into the pool while the fire on the grill crackles.....The hours will pass like minutes....This house, located in Solin, sevenkm from center of Split or two km from fortres Klis ( famous Game of Thrones filming location)  is ideal for 4-5 vacationers. It offers 2 bedrooms, a private pool, a furnished garden and a terrace. The lounge is perfect for unwinding after a day of exploration, and the outside has the terrace and the balcony where you can enjoy the views of the city, the mountains, the sea and the swimming pool.